Photos de notre road trip

Côte ouest!
  • The Pacific!! The Pacific!! Our first sunset on the Pacific Ocean!
  • Beautiful Cannon Beach Beautiful Cannon Beach I remember relaxing in our westfalia one night by the beach, when out of nowhere a bagpipe player started playing by the ocean...That was a magical moment...
  • Cannon Beach Cannon Beach That day on the beach, we made an old hippie cry while singing to him "Blowing in the wind"...
  • Majestic Redwood forest! Majestic Redwood forest! Every hiker needs to put the Redwood national park in their hinking list...Just SOOO beautiful and special...beeing surrounded by those 2000 years old giant trees that are over 350 feet is just an amazing feeling...Truly a special place to see...
  • Can you beleive James thought of fishing with this little guy...poor thing! Luckily he was saved by James good conscience...
  • Our Victor Bluesummer! Our Victor Bluesummer! This was our home for almost 3 years...We love our VW!!!
  • Don't get fool by the size of our traveling home, it was small, but still, we had an automated dishwasher! :p
  • Hotel California!! Hotel California!!
  • Princess breakfast! Princess breakfast! Having a birthday breakfast at our favorite spot in Santa Monica, Anastasia's Asylum...Which is now sadly closed...:(
  • Love!! Love!!
  • Dans la vie, il y a des cactus! Dans la vie, il y a des cactus! Our first encounter with wild cactus!!
  • Recording in LA! Recording in LA!
  • Santa Monica beach! Santa Monica beach!
  • Baywatch! ;) Baywatch! ;)
  • Lucky star!! :) Lucky star!! :)
  • Training on the beach Training on the beach Some producers were very impressed by James's martial art training on the beach and they actually asked him if he could trained actors...!!
  • Santa Monica Pier Santa Monica Pier
  • Face painting! Face painting!
  • Hollywood's walk of fame Hollywood's walk of fame James posing by Jimi Hendrix star...
  • Tap dancing on the Fred Astaire star!!
  • Blondie the tourist! Blondie the tourist! Blondie was really looking forward to see Lassie'S star !! ;) Here she is posing by it!
  • Cat woman! Cat woman! getting ready for an halloween celebration!
  • You and Me! You and Me! We actually found our band's name while playing in Santa Monica...
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