As a complement of being two talented artists, James and Valerie are also two real travelers and adventurers; in the beginning of this new century, they left their home town of Montreal, Canada, to accomplish a two and a half years epic road trip across the amazing North America.They traveled in their legendary vw wesfalia (which was almost entirely rebuilt by James’s own hands with the help of some good friends). In addition to their musical instruments, they had to bring with them a canoe and two mountain bikes.
They literally drove all around the united states, passing through and visiting Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Louisianna, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusset, New York and New Jersey, then back to Canada.
They performed in many cities including Santa Monica, San Diego, Hollywood, San Antonio, New Orleans and Key West. They even recorded a live album in California to please their growing fan base. They explored many National Parks, hiked and camped  deep down the bottom of the Grand Canyon, spent weeks biking and hiking in the desert of Joshua tree, they walked in the path of John Muir in the Sierra Nevada, saw the amazing giant sequoia forest, they got surrounded by the 2000 years old redwoods on the north coast of California, saw the Oregon rain forests, explored the narrow impressive orange canyons of Utah, did some serious canoe-camping in the black canyon of the Colorado river, met Mr. rattle snake, canoed the verde river and explored caves on its banks that were inhabit about 600 years ago by native Americans, they went up paddling the Rio Grande surrounded by the towering walls of the Santa Helena’s canyon, went to admire the majestic Navajo land, spent some time with the beautiful Hopi people, saw the sun rise over the Texas desert and the sun set in the Everglades, paddled with the alligators down some Florida rivers, visited the old Spanish missions of the south, saw wild buffalos and wild horses in the badlands, howled with the coyotes in the mojave desert, canoed on the Morro bay surrounded by playful dolphins, almost got stung by a black widow in the arid land of Arizona, got bumped by a shark swimming in the waves of the Pacific ocean, almost fried themselves and their van’s engine coming out of death valley, drove on the same road than Jack Kerouac, took the same curves as Neil Cassidy on the dramatic coast of Big Sur, went to San Francisco wearing flowers in their hair, took out their telescope to look at the full moon rising over the Californian desert; they felt the heart of the wild America beating under their feet and they got surrounded by the mystic energy of that vast and majestic country.
But after 30 months on the road, they were missing their family, so they decided to zoom back north to their familiar home, Montreal, where a serious recording adventure was about to begin. 

You can look at some of their travel pictures in the photos section of this site. Clic here to see the map of their road trip!

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