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In addition of beeing an incredible singer/songwriter and performer, James is also a really talented producer and studio engineer; in fact, he is the one behind all the recording and mixing of the you&me’s new album. His first experiments with the subtle art of recording and mixing were made during his two and a half years road trip of the United States when Valerie and him decided to turn the vw van they were traveling in into a mobile recording studio to record a demo which had been requested by a producer at Sony music.
This little traveling studio was very modest, but it also was really unique by the fact that it was totally solar powered: they would put their solar panel in the sun during the day to charge their special battery and they would record from sunset to sunrise, taking profit of the silence of the night. Despite the fact that it was a very small, really basically equipted recording studio, James was able to obtain surprising results which motivated him to learn more about recording and mixing.
In 2005, James and Valerie founded the Bluesummer studio located outside Montreal by the beautiful Maskinonge lake. They used the bluesummer studio as a classroom to deepened their knowledge and to seriously study the complex art of recording, mixing and music production.

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