A present moment

flute album

This is an album to soothe the soul, an album that will
transport you in a peaceful state of mind from the
first notes on!

The inspiration for this meditative album emerged from the good news my soul mate brought to me. I will always remember when she told me: "I think we’re gonna have a little baby, my love!" My heart opened up to these beautiful words. A new beginning, a new life was part of us; sacredness was manifesting itself. At this time, we were working on a folk-rock-blues album, and man, I was so soaked in it that it was starting to be hard to keep some perspective. This was the right time to let go of this project for a while and to let my soul create what it wanted to create at this moment- a peaceful relaxing flute album that would soothe the well being of my lover in her pregnancy as well as my little one coming along. For my little child, this music was created. In this experience, I realized that often we are working on getting somewhere and we’re forgetting that now is the moment to live for. This album was intended to make my love ones feel good and peaceful, and also to share my love with all of you. May these melodies bring peace, harmony and presence in your life. Let yourselves be the music, the waves, the singing birds that chant your well being. May this be a relaxation in a present moment.

Sincerely, J.L.


For you my little one

You will be soon in my arms, growing with the flow of our lives. Within you blooms the flowering of your soul, this is your journey, this is your time to shine, as the sun, the stars, the ocean and the sky. Magnificent you are. Know that everything is possible when you follow your heart. Dreams come true as long as you keep on believing in them. You are my sunshine, my little sweet one… These are your songs to share, may this music remind you of my love that I cherish for you, may these songs bring peace and love to all of us. May this life be a blessing for you. I know I am blessed by your presence in my life. Thank you, my child, for being who you are.

See you soon


Daddy xox


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